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July 15, 2014

We are currently getting some awesome Bison NY Strips and Rib-Eyes from one of our local farmers in Charlottesville, VA.  We love Bison because it's higher in protein than beef and incredibly flavorful but still very lean. Bison is also lower in calories, fat, and cholesterol than chicken or fish!     We recommend keeping the seasonings simple because the Bison is so flavorful on its own, so you'll want to add just enough to bring out the flavors but not overpower them.  For the Bison Rib-Eye I knew that the Omnivore Salt, the new addition to our shop, would be a perfect way to season the steaks. The recipe for Omnivore Salt was created decades ago in Sicily and... Continue Reading →


July 08, 2014

We are always looking for new ways to use the delicious filets of salmon that we bring in fresh daily. Recently I came across a recipe for Salmon Chowder and decided to give it a try! Being from the East coast I had never heard of this popular Northwestern dish so I deferred to Chef Chester 'Chet' Gerl and Dan Bugge of Matt's in the Market in Seattle, WA and used their recipe with a few modifications.   Step 1 - Make the shell stock!  For this I used: 1/2 Tsp. oil 1/2 Tsp. bacon fat (you will be using bacon in the chowder so I recommend cooking our Applewood Smoked Bacon first and using some of the fat from it to... Continue Reading →