Nduja Artisans Iberico Lardo

Made by 'Nduja Artisans. Lardo is cured back fat from Iberico de Bellota pigs of Spain. Seasoned with sea salt, Black pepper, Juniper berries and lots of fresh herbs and cured in marble cases. It is used sliced thinly to add luxurious richness to dishes.  Wrap around melon, lean roast or baked shrimp for example.

'Nduja Artisans is the perfect balance of fire and flavor. A proprietary blend of Calabrian Peppers and 100% Berkshire Pork highlight their focus on simplicity and quality, while paying homage to the Fiasche's rich heritage. The success of their 'Nduja has now afforded Agostina and Antonio the ability to dust off the Fiasche Family recipe book to test and unveil handmade salumi. You can taste their dedication to quality and family tradition in each bite. 

10-12 oz. piece

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