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Firefly Farms Merry Goat Round

Merry Goat Round is one of FireFly's original aged cheeses launched in 2002.  Currently they produce and sell more Merry Goat than any of their other aged varieties.   Earning a combination of  more than a dozen medals nationally and internationally this cheese appeals to all ages and all palates! 

 Merry Goat Round is a surface ripened goat's milk round.  As it ripens from its rind inwards it softens and becomes creamier with deepening earthy flavors -- first directly under the rind around the cheese, then throughout the entire body of the cheese. The rind is edible at any stage of maturity. Merry Goat Round starts with a clean, lactic sharpness and develops stronger complex mushroom-flavor notes with age.

As with all of FireFly Farms' aged cheeses, we suggest unwrapping Merry Goat Round and bringing it to room temperature 30 minutes prior to consuming.  Serve as an appetizer or dessert on your cheese board with crackers, a baguette and add your favorite sweet or savory tapenade.
9 oz. round
Ingredients : Pasteurized goat's milk, Bacterial starter cultures (gluten-free), Vegetable rennet, Salt

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